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When we showed Phil Riehlman’s concept hot rod truck in an interview here on the site, it didn’t even have a name. The image was so explosive that Hot Wheels fans were blown away. Not long after, the Blown Delivery was produced. After several editions, it took a hiatus in 2017. Now you can feel its vibrant return commemorating the 22nd annual Hot Wheels Collectors Nationals.

For almost 20 years, Hot Wheels has produced an RLC Exclusive edition in pink of one of our most popular castings to honor our most dedicated fans. These are released two times a year: once at the Collectors Nationals in the Spring, and once at the Convention in the Fall. We know not all of our RLC members can make it to the shows, so we do our best to make these special collectibles available to you right here.

The edition of the Blown Delivery has clean, pure pink deco with white fenders. It features Real Riders 5-spoke wheels with red stripe tampo. Being a delivery truck, you can imagine whatever you want inside: donuts, bubble gum… You’ll just want to make sure to order one so it gets delivered to you.

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Body Color: Spectraflame pink
Deco: Gloss white fenders, silver VUM engine
Body Type: ZAMAC
Wheels: Real Riders 5-spoke mag wheels with red stripe tampo
Base: Full-metal, chrome-plated chassis
Window Color: Light smoke-tinted
Interior Color: White

Packaged on an illustrated RLC blister card, packed in a Kar Keepers clamshell case


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