RLC Exclusive 1986 Porsche 959


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One of the first sports cars with all-wheel drive, the Porsche 959 paved the way for the future of sports cars. It needed the traction because of its speedy twin turbocharged engine.

Our designers remained true to the spirit of this superstar supercar with an innovation for Hot Wheels. “The Porsche 959 has a staggered track width,” says Brendon Vetuskey, “meaning the rear wheels sit farther apart than the front wheels do.” This new casting also features an opening rear hood, exposing a detailed engine.
Legal Name: Red Line Club Exclusive 1986 Porsche 959
Features: Opening rear hood
Body Color: Spectraflame red
Graphics: Authentic manufacturer logos
Body Type: ZAMAC
Wheels: Real Riders fifteen52 Outlaw wheels with gray and matte black painted hubs
Base: Full-metal, matte black painted chassis and engine with painted details
Window Color: Light smoke-tinted
Interior Color: Black with gray and red painted details
Scale 1:64


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