Matchbox 2019 Ram Ambulance


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Outdoor adventure is all fun and games, but a rugged rescue vehicle makes for a good safety net. The Matchbox 2019 Ram Ambulance is ready for backcountry duty.

Based on a 2019 Ram configuration, our emergency responder is just what you need when things go sideways. The casting with opening rear doors made its retail debut last year, rushing to make its next appearance here with a collector-level production. We gave this edition picture perfect National Park-style graphics, placing it in an oversized acrylic case with a terrain-molded base and a forest environment-themed background.

Matchbox 2019 Ram Ambulance
Release Date: August 10, 2023
Features: Opening rear doors
Body Color: Spectraflame mint green
Graphics: “NATIONAL PARKS MEDICAL SERVICES” and “12” on roof, sides, and rear; park logo on side doors; white stripe on sides
Body Type: ZAMAC
Wheels: True Grip 5-spoke tires
Base: VUM silver chassis
Window Color: Light smoke-tinted
Interior Color: Silver

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