Kibler’s Comic Mystery Box

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Kibler’s Comic Mystery Box

Every box will receive an Exclusive, Ratio, Signed, Graded, or Grail tier comic.

1:100 One per store or 1:100 or higher ratio

1:20 Graded Book

1:10 Signed Comic

1:4 Ratio comic

1:2 Exclusive or Team Variant

Each box is guaranteed to receive at least 8 comic books with the following in it.

Every box will have at least:

#1 issue

Two Variant Covers
At least One Exclusive

At least One recent releases

8 books minimum

Every box has a chance of receiving a signed book, ratio, exclusive, graded or grail tier book.

Graded books will be from CGC or CBCS.

Purchasing multiple boxes together can result in receiving duplicate items.

Mystery boxes are shipped separately from other items.

The only comics guaranteed to be a certain grade will be the graded books included in random boxes.

All other books condition may vary.

The comics pictured are some of the possible items to receive and are guaranteed to be in some boxes.

Mystery boxes are non returnable.

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Dimensions 13 × 10 × 4 in

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