HWC Special Edition ’55 Chevy® Bel Air Gasser


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You may think they died for your ride, but it’s not true. Despite the dinosaur depiction on this edition of the ’55 Chevy® Bel Air Gasser, the whole “fossil fuels” is misleading. But guess what IS real… this car! It’s based on a 1:1 build by our designer Brendon Vetuskey.

“The name itself – Triassic-Five – is multi reference,” Brendon explains, “Tri-Five, as the 1955-56-57 Chevy® cars are famously referred to, and Triassic, as the car is about that old.” Brendon says this is a full-on, highly detailed replica of his 1:1 street machine, right down to the abundance of sponsor logos and screamin’ graphics. (And if you’re counting “tris” – check the 2022 Mainline for a third edition of this dino-dragster. It may not have all of the logos, but it’s also based on Brendon’s beast.)

Glowing in Spectraflame Bright Green with a gloss white roof, you’ll find the “TRIASSIC-FIVE” and dinosaur logo, with authentic sponsor logos, on the sides. For just the proper stance, we’ve fitted it with Real Riders slotted wheels with matte black hubs in front, then slammed Real Riders Drag Slick wheels with cheater slick tires and matte black hubs on the rear.

With diecast/diecast construction, the chassis is painted in matte black. The interior is silver VUM – which you can see on the engine – with matte black-painted passenger compartment, and other details in matte black, matte white, and red. Lastly, you may notice something unusual about the windows: the front windshield is clear, while the sides and rear are light green-tinted.

Features: n/a
Body Color: Spectraflame Bright Green
Deco: Gloss white roof, “TRIASSIC-FIVE”, dinosaur logo, authentic sponsor logos on sides
Wheels: Front: Real Riders slotted wheels with matte black hubs; Rear: Real Riders Drag Slick wheels with cheater slick tires and matte black hubs
Base: Full-metal, matte black-painted ZAMAC chassis

Packaged on an illustrated blister card, packed in a Kar Keepers clamshell case


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