Kibler's Hot Wheels Mystery Box

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Kibler's Hot Wheels Cars Mystery Box


Chance of receiving Treasure Hunt, RLC cars and more!


Each Mystery Box will contain at least either 3, 5, 10 or 20 randomly selected Hot Wheels cars depending on your selection. No duplicates per item ordered. If you order a 10 car package you will receive 10 different Hot Wheels.


All cars are Authentic Hot Wheels & sealed/ new in box. Some of the additional cars added at no additional charge maybe other brands.


Cars pictured in image will be found in some boxes but there is no guarantee what cars will be in each order as boxes are randomized. Chance of receiving Treasure Hunt, RLC cars, and more.


Packages may contain additional bonus items such as additional cars, figures, comics or other collectible items. 


Mystery boxes are non returnable.