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Kibler's Funko Mystery Box has arrived! The goal is to offer a mystery box at the average retail price of a Funko POP! with a chance at receiving Chase, Exclusive, Vaulted, or Grail.

Each Kibler's Funko mystery box will contain a single Funko POP! with a chance of receiving a common,  Chase, Exclusive,  Vaulted or Grail. There is no guaranteed PPG or Funko App value per box. Exclusives will be from PX( Diamond Comic Distributors), Hot Topic, Entertainment Earth, Funko Shop, Target, and others. Chase, exclusives, vaulted and grails are random. Purchasing multiple boxes can result in receiving some duplicates. Mystery boxes have a high probability of being a common Pop or Exclusive. 

List of a few possible pops:

Bebop TMNT(Vaulted) PPG $175

Black Lightning SDCC (3000 pc) PPG $90

Holographic Emperor (Gitd) PPG $85

Creed Chase (specialty series) PPG $75

Michael Jordan (Home UNC Jersey) PPG $55

David Rose Chase $50

Doctor Doom ECCC PPG $36

Dom Chase PPG $31

Sasuke Uchica (specialty series) PPG $30

These are just an example of some of the pops you can find in the Kibler's Funko Mystery Box. There are hundreds of other pops to find!

Kibler's Funko Mystery Box will ship July 30, 2021. Mystery Boxes are NOT returnable for any reason. You are guaranteed to receive a single (1) Funko Pop per box. There is no guaranteed PPG value on this mystery box.  Boxes that do not include a grail will receive a common, chase, exclusive or vaulted pop.

Shipping info: Most pops will be Mint or NM, but some . We package each Funko securely. All standard size $20+ valuable pops will be in Pop protectors. Since shipping is charged once per order,  ordering multiple boxes at once will result in receiving all mystery box items in one box. While we offer multiple shipping options we recommend Priority shipping for fastest delivery. The default shipping option is USPS First Class.


Ordering with additional items can result in delays or items being cancelled from the order.

Mystery boxes are not returnable for any reason.

If you order multiple quantities in a single order boxes will be combined since shipping is only charged once